When it comes to backpacking and travelling the world, we all have to start somewhere. But in the beginning, we really are naive about everything since its all so new. So here are 11 tips you wish someone told you before you went on that first trip!


In Thailand ALWAYS ask taxi drivers to turn on the meter!!thailand-tuk-tuk

Taxi and tuk tuk drivers lie! A lot.


Go with the flowthailand-waterfalls

Everything in SE Asia happens for a reason and always works out to be wikid fun.


Don’t leave valuables unattended in a dormhostels-backpacking

Not every backpacker is awesome like the rest of us.


Don’t rush aroundchilling-thailand-beach

..just take your time and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells.


Bring earplugs to the hostel

From snoring to people talking in their sleep, there are no shortage of things you’ll hear in the middle of the night!


Don’t over packbackpackers

There are so many people struggling to carry their rutsacks when they are in transit.. don’t be one of these people!


Don’t plan! backpacking

It’ll take you to the most beautiful and surprising places!


Drink Coca Cola when you eat something questionablestreet-food-in-thailand

Who knows why, but drinking coke kills anything simmering in your stomach. Whenever I’m about to get stomach sick, a Coke will pretty much solve the problem.


There’s no toilet paper on the road less travelledThai-Toilets


Try and meet as many people as you can!bunchun-hostel

Some of the best moments of backpacking are those spent with new friends from all over the world! Without putting yourself out there and meeting people along the way, you are missing half of the experience!

Try these tips on your next backpacking trip and you are sure to have a much smoother experience! Got tips of your own you want to share? Tell us in the comments below.

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