Going backpacking in Thailand? Bangkok is always a popular spot, but with so many places to stay in the city, its hard to choose the right hostel. And it is an important decision because where you stay can make or break your experience. So to make it easier, we’ve made a list of the best hostels in Bangkok for backpackers!


1) NapPark Hostelbest hostels bangkok

best hostels bangkok nappark

NapPark is definitely the best hostel in Bangkok especially for the solo backpacker as the place attracts many of them. As a result, its really easy to meet other travellers here, and it helps that their common areas are awesome. I’ve stayed here a few times now and have always had amazing experiences.  For one, its only a 2 minute walk to the Khao San Road, which makes it easier to get home from the bars at the end of the night. The hostel itself is really clean, not expensive, beds are comfy, and showers are hot. If you are looking for a very social place and one that you could potentially meet people to travel on with, then NapPark Hostel is definitely the place to stay!


2) Mad Monkey Hostelbangkok-hostels

Mad Monkey Hostel is the new kid in town, though this isn’t their first hostel. You’ll find the Mad Monkey name throughout SE Asia and its about time they’ve made it to Bangkok! If you are looking for more of a party vibe, then Mad Monkey Hostel is for you. Their fun-filled bar gets the energy up. And even better, they’ve got a large pool to cool off in since Bangkok is known for its sweltering heat! After catching some drinks and making new friends, its easy to continue the party on the Khao San Road, only a few minutes walk from the hostel. But rest assured that it is far enough away from the lively street so you can still get some sleep. Another cool fact of this hostel is that they run a socially responsible business, something more hostels should be doing. With hot water showers, air conditioning and an all out party atmosphere, Mad Monkey Hostel is a great choice for backpackers coming to the city that never sleeps!


3) Khao San Immjaibest-hostels-in-bangkok

Just down the road from NapPark, you’ll find Khao San Immjai. This really clean hostel is about a 10 minute walk to Khao San Road. The beds here are comfy, and despite the mediocre common room, its not too difficult to meet other backpackers here. When I last stayed here, I met a few people who I travelled with for 2 weeks. So it can definitely be a good starting hostel in Bangkok. Everyone that stays here only has good things to say about the place. A definite good alternative if NapPark is fully booked.


4) Lub D Hostelbest hostel bangkok lub d

If modern hostels are your thing, then Lub D Hostel is a great place to stay. Although a little more expensive the other hostels, Lub D has great amenities and an extremely nice staff to ensure you have a great visit. Lub D is also very well located as it is in Siam Square close to the skytrain and lots of places to shop. If you are looking for a trendy hostel away from Khao San Road, then Lub D is a good bet.


5) Suneta Hostel Khaosanbest hostels bangkok 2

best hostels near khao san road

Suneta is a very cool-looking hostel featuring lots of wood-finishing giving a warm tranquil vibe. Comfort really is the biggest feature of this hostel as the dorms feel nice and private with curtains around each bed. Some of the premium beds are even little pods with a wall you can close off! Its easy to get sleep here as it feels like your own little room. And as for location, Suneta Hostel is within walking distance to Khao San Road making for a great place to stay.


6) The Yard Hostel Bangkokbest-hostels-bangkok-3

If getting away from Khao San Road is necessary for you, then look no further than The Yard Hostel. This is a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. The are lots of cool little spots in the hostel to chill out especially in the yard, and the friendly staff makes for a welcoming atmosphere. The hostel also attracts a good amount of solo travellers so it is quite easy to meet other backpackers. If you want a unique experience in a boutique hostel, The Yard is sure to please!

Well there you have it. If you have stayed at an amazing hostel in Bangkok, share it with everyone in the comments below!

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