One of the most popular destinations to visit in Thailand is in the north in a city called Chiang Mai. Here you can get away from the craziness of Bangkok, yet still be in a very lively city full of culture, art, and of course some of the best food in the country! But I always say, where you stay can make or break a place that you visit. So here are the best hostels in Chiang Mai specifically for backpackers that will ensure you have the best time in this great city!

Now there are actually a lot of really nice and clean hostels in Chiang Mai, however I don’t recommend a place just because its clean. To me, the best hostels are the ones that have amazing common rooms ideal for meeting other backpackers, with perhaps some cool art on the walls, and a staff that is really friendly and cool. So don’t be fooled by a place that looks modern, as it might not have any social vibe at all.


1) D-Well Hostelbest hostels Chiang mai

I’ve stayed at many hostels in Chiang Mai, and the best experience I had was at D-Well Hostel. Sure they are not the cheapest place to stay, but the extra money you pay goes a long way. The place is stunningly clean, with hot water showers. They also provide free snacks, water, tea and coffee at all hours of the day which is really convenient. This place attracts a ton of solo traveller and the common room is set up in a way where its easy to make new friends. Its is super well located and in walking distance to many amazing temples, the Sunday walking market, the night bazaar, and all the main nightlife. Best of all, the staff is indeed some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met in Thailand. They are always there to help and will remember your name. Trust me, stay at D-Well hostel as it will make your stay in Chiang Mai even better!


2) Spicythai Backpackersbest hostel in chiang mai

Spicythai Backpackers is another hostel that has been around and I’ve had many people recommend it to me. The Spicythai family actually has many Spicy hostels in different parts of Thailand. It may not be the best looking hostel, but everyone I’ve spoken with who has stayed here talks about how its a great place to meet people. To add to the social vibe, Spicythai organizes outings for the whole hostel which is an awesome way to bring people together. And if you are feeling like a quiet night, the hostel has a tv with plenty of movies on tap.


3) Stamps Backpackersbest backpacker hostel chiang mai

While I have not stayed at Stamps Backpackers Hostel, I have had two friends both recommend it to me. It has a good common area for socializing, but also is quite a clean place. The unique thing about Stamps is that they also have semi-private rooms, which is a small room with a bed separated by a curtain. With modern amenities such as big lockers for your rutsack, and outlets by each bed, Stamps Hostel is a good place to relax comfortably.


4) Hug Hostelhug hostel chiang mai

Hug Hostel is another good place to meet people and its located right in the old city, so its close to many restaurants, bars, temples, etc. The staff is quite nice and helpful which is a huge plus. Rooms are clean and comfortable with air conditioning. And this hostel is located very close to a nice jazz bar for some live music. You really can’t go wrong with Hug Hostel.


5) Deejai Backpacker Hostelbest hostels in chiang mai

best hostel chiang mai

Deejai Backpacker has been around in Chiang Mai for a while and has long been a favorite hostel for many backpackers. It has a very nice social vibe as well as a swimming pool which is nice as Chiang Mai can get quite hot. There are only 4 beds in each dorm room, so sleeping won’t be an issue. And if you really want, Deejai Backpacker offers private rooms as well.


Well there you have it, these are the best hostels in Chiang Mai in our opinion! Have you stayed somewhere amazing in Chiang Mai? Share it with everyone in the comments below!

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