As you may know, I often recommend Koh Lanta and feel that it really is the best island in Thailand for backpackers. The reason is because it is not too touristy, has beautiful beaches, attracts more down-to-earth and cool backpackers, and has a lively yet chill night life.

However, it doesn’t matter how cool of a place it is if you stay at the wrong hostel. I always say that where you decide to stay can make or break your experience. My favourite places usually have cool looking common areas along with being clean. That way you can feel comfortable in a nice and social environment.

So without further ado, here are the best hostels in Koh Lanta.


1) Non La Mer Hostelbest hostels koh lanta

You really won’t find a hostel with a better common area than Non La Mer. It looks so awesome, is really comfortable, and perfect for meeting other backpackers. The rooms and beds are really really clean. In fact, they  clean them every day! And the staff are super nice. They have given me free beer and food on multiple occasions, just for being nice to them really. The hostel also has free drinking water, coffee and tea at all times. As for location, it is right in the main backpacker area and super close to the beach. Seriously, Non La Mer is the best hostel in Koh Lanta, and I would say even one of the best hostels in all of Thailand!


2) Metallic Hostelbest hostel ko lanta

I had some friends staying at Metallic Hostel and went to visit one day as it was basically right next to Non La Mer. I really wasn’t too impressed and one of the issues I saw was that there wasn’t any real common area. I can see it being tough to meet people at this hostel. But I put it on this list for 2 main reasons. One is that many people often recommend it, and two is that it is well located next to the other hostels in the main backpacker area. Wouldn’t be my first choice, but certainly not a bad option if other hostels are fully booked.


3) Sabai Dee Lanta Hostelbest hostel koh lanta

Sabai Dee Lanta Hostel is great hostel with a friendly staff. Just wish it was a touch closer to Long Beach (main backpacker area), but not a deal breaker at all. One of the best parts of this hostel is the common area. With grass, hammocks, and cushions everywhere, it feels like a comfy chill backyard. A good spot to meet others or even take a nap. And then there are the rooms, which are built from converted shipping containers! Very cool and unique vibe at Sabai Dee Lanta Hostel.


4) Paulee’s Housebest hostels ko lanta

Paulee’s House has the nicest staff I’ve come across in Thailand. The owner is a lovely guy from the UK and is co-run by a local thai woman who is the nicest woman I’ve ever met. She is so caring and has an infectious smile. Together they create a really positive environment that makes you feel like you’re at home. The hostel itself is quite basic, though they serve up some delicious English breakfast which is a nice change-up from Thai cuisine now and again. Paulee’s House is right in the main backpacker area with all the other hostels.


5) Hey Beach Hostelhey beach hostel

Hey Beach is a newer hostel on Koh Lanta, so I can’t say too much about it. The reason it made this list is because it is located right on the beach.. you can literally take steps to get to the water. So that is a huge sell for this place, plus the pictures look pretty good. We will see how Hey Beach Hostel actually is as more people stay there.

Well there you have it, these are the best hostels in Koh Lanta in our opinion! Have you stayed somewhere amazing in Koh Lanta? Share it with everyone in the comments below!

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