Koh Phangan is widely popular among travellers as the island is the host of the infamous Full Moon Party. Though many backpackers I talk to actually prefer the island after the party is long but over. The island can actually be pretty normal and chill the rest of the month. And its vital that you stay at a good hostel in Koh Phangan as where you stay can always make your experience better or worse.

Its important to note that many of the places to stay in Koh Phangan are party hostels for the full moon party. However after the full moon party, its very possible that these same hostels will be a whole lot more chill and laid back. So here are the best hostels in Koh Phangan!


1) Red Boutique Hostelbest hostels koh phangan

In an all-red theme, the Red Boutique Hostel is a good choice with a nice and helpful staff. Common area is set up in a way where it is easy to meet people. Dorms and beds are nice and big, which is quite amazing if you’ve slept in a cramped dorm before. With fast wi-fi and good air conditioning, the Red Boutique Hostel is a great option for your stay.


2) Smile Hostelbest hostel ko phangan

While Smile Hostel is quite basic in terms of accommodation, its a favourite for those attending the Full Moon Party. The hostel is not too big which is good as I find its better for bringing the guests together and socializing. The hostel probably gets its name from the warm and welcoming staff who will instantly put a smile on your face. Its easy to meet other backpackers at Smile Hostel and it helps that their booze is cheap!


3) Vagabondbest-hostel-in-koh-phangan-2016

Vagabond hostel is well located, just down the road from the beach where they often put on bonfires for the guests. The hostel tends to attract a social crowd making it easy to meet people. The staff often organizes things for the guests to do which is a plus. Vagabond hostel is definitely a good choice as the atmosphere is cool and the grounds are clean.


4) Wanderlustbest hostels in koh phangan

Wanderlust has a staff who are really friendly and tries to create a fun atmosphere. The hostel also has a pool table, air conditioning, and movies to watch on rainy days. The common area is decent and the hostel is always kept clean.


5) The Nomad Housebest hostels in koh pha ngan

If you are looking for a hostel to start the pre-party before the party, this is the place. Very lively and upbeat atmosphere with booze flowing freely. If you are looking for peace and quiet, I would avoid this hostel. But if you want to be where the action is, you’ll find it at The Nomad House.

Well there you have it, these are the best hostels in Koh Phangan in our opinion, what’s yours?

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