I’ve just returned from my third backpacking trip in Thailand and I’ve never felt more relaxed. In fact, the country is set up for relaxation with countless places to get a massage, hammocks and of course the Thai triangle cushions.

So what are these cushions I speak of? Well if you have been to Thailand, you have likely seen them in common areas of hostels and guesthouses, as well as beach-side restaurants.


Here is what they look like..


As you can see, they are quite comfortable..

So rewind to a few weeks ago, its my last day in Thailand and I have made it my mission to find these Thai cushions in Bangkok to bring home with me.

After a quick internet search, I quickly found that the material used inside the pillows is a type of cotton called Kapok. However, many vendors in Thailand use old Kapok that could be dirty and riddled with insects. To make matters worse, many of these pillows have rice straw in them. When you fly home, your home country will confiscate the pillows as rice straw is not a legal material to import.

What was I gonna do? I thought about buying the cushions unfilled and filling them myself, but the logistics of that seemed far too advanced for me.

Then came the answer. Enter Spirithouse, a Canadian company devoted to selling high-quality, 100% new Kapok Thai pillows and mats (they also sell other cool things from Thailand). The best part is that they ensure there will be absolutely no insects, as well as double stitching for enhanced durability. That is super important as I saw many of these pillows falling apart in Thailand due to being poorly made.

After a quick chat with Spirithouse’s friendly customer service, I chose a lovely large 3-fold Thai triangle cushion with a nice green and brown design.


Here is my Thai Cushion from Spirithouse..


It can be used as a chair..


Here it is fully extended. Can barely get it in a picture.. means lots of room for laying down!

So how do I like it? Well ‘like’ is an understatement. I absolutely love it!! Spirithouse has really made a quality product here. The pillow is really firm for excellent support, yet extremely comfortable. It feels and looks really high quality. I love how I can use it in different ways and can be folded away so it doesn’t take up much space. Really there is nothing like being able to chill comfortably on the floor.. seriously! Every friend that has visited me since I’ve received this pillow has commented on how nice it is and how they badly want one for themselves. And I gotta say, the color and design are both really beautiful.

If you want one of these Thai triangle cushions, I highly recommend Spirithouse as you will receive a very well-made product, better than anything you’ll find in Thailand!

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