Getting ready for your next backpacking adventure? Here you’ll find commonly-used items perfect for backpacking. 

Travel Gear



Gregory Mountain Products Z 40 Backpack

Gregory makes very high-quality backpacks unlike the cheap brands that end up ripping while you are travelling. Best to invest in a good pack that you’ll be able to use for many trips to come. And 40 litres is more than enough, don’t let anyone tell you different. Anymore and you’ll be struggling to even carry your pack. Wise words: Pack light!



Things to Pack for Thailand



Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Bag

I brought this on my last trip to Thailand and it was just perfect!  Seriously, when you are in a hostel and are going to take a shower, just bring this bag with you. It has a hook to hang up making everything accessible like your shampoo, soap, razor, creams, etc. Basically everything you need in a small simple and well-designed bag.





Microfiber Travel Towel

Most hostels in Thailand do not provide you with a towel and often they charge you to rent one. This can add up fast going from hostel to hostel. This Microfiber Travel Towel is a super small, super light towel that takes up pretty much no space in your backpack. Also super useful when you are going to hang out at the beach or swim near a waterfall. Easy to carry around with you without even noticing it’s there, plus it drys very quickly.




Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow

Long flights, trains, and bus rides can sure make things uncomfortable. But having a travel pillow on hand definitely makes it a lot more bearable and easier to nap. But most travel pillows take up too much space! Not this inflatable travel pillow. It packs down to nothing. I’ve tried a few different inflatable pillows and this one is definitely the most comfortable.





Venturesafe 15L GII anti-theft day pack

It makes sense to have a separate smaller backpack because it’s not a good idea to leave your valuables/cash/passport in your main pack. The reason is that sometimes you will get separated from your bigger backpack while in transit, and also some hostels don’t always have lockers big enough for a main pack. Your smaller pack will hold all your valuables and will never leave you unless it is locked up. This particular bag is made by Pacsafe, which is a great company that focuses on anti-theft.



Travel shorts


O’Neill Men’s Traveler Hybrid Boardshorts

These lightweight shorts and made specifically for travel, especially backpackers. There are hidden pockets for your passport, keys, cell phone, etc. It is very breathable, dries quickly, and can also be used as swimming trucks. Best part is that they are perfect for the really hot and humid places like Thailand since they are very lightweight.






Travel Navigator Neck Wallet and Passport Holder

The last things you want to be flashing around in a foreign country is your passport and money. The Travel Navigator allows you to stash away your passport and cash, and conveniently wear it under your shirt. This is one of the best ways to protect your passport, especially while in transit.



Electronic Gear

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Tablet – 32GB

As a backpacker, we spend long hours in transit on planes, buses, and trains. Having a tablet full of movies, tv shows, books, games and more is sure to make the dull times much better. This one has great battery life and can hold loads of movies with its 32GB storage. It’s the perfect travel companion!






Fujifilm X-A1 Camera

This is an exceptional camera, especially for the price. Also it is a mirrorless making it much smaller and easier to travel with than big SLRs. The quality on this camera is unbelievable. Perfect to capture some incredible photos on your trip without having to travel with a camera that is too big and expensive.





GoPro HERO 4 Silver

Looking to capture your adventures abroad on film? The GoPro is perfect for filming anywhere and everywhere. Whether you are diving, on a boat, cliff jumping, playing with elephants and monkeys, the GoPro adapts to any situation. The Hero 4 Silver provides very high quality to get some amazing footage in high definition!





Apple iPod Touch – 32 GB

Having music to listen to while you are on adventures perfectly helps set the mood. It also makes train rides more enjoyable. The Apple iPod touch holds more than enough music. As well you can watch Youtube, send emails, book hostels, surf the web, play games, and lots more.



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