With many articles on why people should date travellers, we felt it was appropriate to do one for backpackers. Lets face it, backpackers are not typical travellers. So lets get to it, here are 11 reasons why you should date a backpacker!


1) They are more fun and adventurousdate backpacker

Backpackers travel to new places in order to continue to have what most of us are missing, which is constantly having new experiences. For example, renting a motorbike in Asia or going cliff jumping. Backpackers are notorious for taking risks if it leads to something amazing!


2) They live for experience, not material thingsbackpacker-dating

Backpackers leave everything behind in search of something greater than whatever money can buy. They choose to put their dollars towards going to a hidden island somewhere in SE Asia or to stay in a cool treehouse somewhere remote. They don’t need things when they already have the whole world.


3) Their perspective of the world is usually much widerdate backpacker

Even first time backpackers burst the bubble they live in the moment they step off the plane and into a new country, especially if that place is the opposite of their homeland.


4) They’ve got unlimited stories to tell


No one wants to date a boring, dull person, and backpackers for the most part are further away from being just that. ย With all of the amazing (and random) experiences, you’ll find their lives so incredibly interesting that normal people pale in comparison.


5) They likely are more spontaneousbackpacking-dating

Backpackers are accustomed to not having full-out plans when they travel. Rather most tend to go with the flow and makes decisions on the spot.



6) Their street skills are sharper than mostdate backpacker 4

Know that you are with someone who can handle any situation thrown at them. Backpacking is full of unexpected mishaps and very quickly you are able to think on your feet.


7) They are usually more confidenthottie-backpacker

Most if not all people find confidence attractive. Backpackers, especially those who’ve travelled solo, are entangled with crazy situations. They learn to be fearless and really go after what they want.


8) They are more outgoingdate a backpacker 1

Any backpacker can tell you that they have probably met hundreds of people during their travels. When you are going solo, you are forced to be social (so you don’t go crazy!). As a result, their communication skills are much more enhanced.


9) They are low maintenancedate-backpackers

Most backpacker-ettes leave their makeup at home when they head out for the trip of a lifetime. They sleep in questionable hostels, take whatever transportation, and eat food on the street. They don’t need to be wine-and-dined, and yet they are still classy. Same goes for the backpacker dudes.


10) They are better with moneydate-backpackers2

Backpackers without a doubt are always on a budget, but they are also able to travel long-term with very little. They spend money on things they need, and find ways to spend less. They know if a scam is being pulled or if a shop is overcharging. I’ve met a girl who lasted in Thailand on $250 for a whole month. I know some girls back home who can barely last a few days with that same amount!


11) They are usually in great shape!why-date-a-backpacker-1

When you are constantly travelling from one place to another, there is a great deal of walking involved. Most backpackers you see are quite fit.

Well there you have it. So many awesome perks of dating a backpacker.. so what are you waiting for? Oh wait, its not always easy to find backpackers at home. This is exactly why you should start planning your next trip. You never know, you might meet the person you end up marrying!

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